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Danish Superliga Starting This Weekend

Danish Superliga Starting This Weekend

The Danish 'Superliga' started this weekend, with the first game being played on Friday evening and the last match being played tomorrow evening. The Superliga is one of the leagues that starts the earliest this year, beginning only 12 days after the World Cup had finished.

Most people are probably doesn't know a whole lot about Danish football overall, besides maybe knowing the national team and F.C Copenhagen who has played Champions League a few times now overall. However the league is a great league for betting as there usually isn't a lot of variance in who finishes in the top and bottom.

Last season was the typical type of season that happens every three year or so in Denmark, where a team nobody expected came and won the league with impressive play, while the favourites all tripped and couldn't catch up with them in the end.

But there's no doubt about who is the favourite to win the title every single year and that's F.C Copenhagen. The team has won nine times in the past 13 seasons and hasn't finished outside the top three since the year of 2000. Last year's champions from Aalborg also have some expectations of doing a good job this season, having bought home Nicklas Helenius from Aston Villa in the Premier League.

Copenhagen has made a lot of changes for this season, having kicked out a massive 9 players while having bought another seven. This leaves a big chance of them not winning the Superliga, while it provides their closest competitors with a big edge.

Odds on Copenhagen to win the league is 1.70, Brondby 5.00 and Aab 7.00, while you can get odds 2.00 on Copenhagen to not win the Superliga. 

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