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Crisis Continuing for Manchester United

Crisis Continuing for Manchester United

It goes without saying that Manchester United has had a terrible season after Sir Alex Ferguson left the manager job this summer. Man Utd is currently residing on the 6th place in the Premier League, but can go down to 7th place if Everton gets a point in their next game. Expectedly the fans of the traditional club are very upset and demands firing of both players and manager, but we doubt that it would solve anything as it is right now.

Yesterday Manchester United hit a new bump in the road, when they played the Champions League 1/8 play-off match, away against Olympiakos. Not only is Olympiakos a soft opponent on paper, they have never played the next leg in the Champions League which should have made it doable for Manchester United to defeat them.

However this didn't happen and instead the former mighty Manchester United could see themselves defeated 2-0, by a Greek team that looked like they were a much better team on all positions. While Manchester United isn't definitively out yet, as there is a return match, it looks hard for the team in red to bounce back and win with 3-0 at home. 

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