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Coral Favourites United States as World Cup 2022 Host if Qatar gets Replaced

Coral Favourites United States as World Cup 2022 Host if Qatar gets Replaced

In the past week it came out that Mohammed Bin Hammam who is a former football executive from Qatar allegedly paid a massive $5 million to influence the choice for the world cup in 2022, which to many surprise ended up in Qatar.

Due to the serious allegations towards FIFA, Michael Garcia, former U.S. federal prosecutor, started an investigation into the matter which includes both Russia winning the 2018 world cup and Qatar winning the 2022 world cup.

Of course this opened up an opportunity for the bookies to begin taking odds on what will happen and who would win the honour to host the world cup instead, but to our surprise it was not made by Paddy Power who usually loves a bit of drama, but instead Coral who created odds on who might end up hosting the world cup instead.

As the case have evolved, Coral stopped taking bets on if Qatar will have the hosting rights removed, as they are sure it will happen. Instead you can now place a bet on who will replace the small rich nation, which is currently favouring the United States of America to take the place.

“There is no proof or solid evidence that Russia’s bid was itself corrupt, but Fifa was so corrupt at the time, and with the serious questions over Qatar’s bid, it is hard to believe the 2018 decision was clean,” Gerry Sutcliffe, Sports Minister of England, said to the Guardian. It will be interesting to see what will happen in the next days.

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