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Complaints about Formula One - The cars are not noisy enough!

Complaints about Formula One The cars are not noisy enough

The new formula one rules has had a lot of bad words said about it, but now it might also get sued simply because the cars are not making enough noise. You may think this is a joke just as we did at first, but it is actually serious business. Andrew Westacott who is the organizer of the Australian grand prix is actually considering suing the Formula One because the noise is not as it should be, providing the crowd with a worse experience.

"One effect of it is that it is more boring than it has ever been before (to watch Formula One edit.) and it is a part of the overall show and chemistry with the audience, which they have to change" said Westacott to SkySports and continued:

"We are paying for a product which means that we have contracts, contracts which we will look through and see if we can find them having breached any of their own rules, which we believe they have"

Also other organizers are unhappy with the new and less noisy motors according to Formula One owner Bernie Ecclestone, telling reuters that "I've heard from a couple of organizers today, who told me that they are not satisfied about the noise" and continued "I talked to Luca di Montezemolo before and he told me that we have never received so many emails with complaints before. I am disappointed by the fact that I was right that this could happen".

Ecclestone also believe that this will now put pressure on him in terms of payments, as the organizers may try and get him to lower the prices significantly, which would then hit the Formula One teams financials. Let's hope that they will find a solution that both the riders, teams, organizers and owners can be happy with long-term.

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