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Christie's plight costing him followers?

Christie's plight costing him followers?

Chris Christie once more made the news last week due to his appearance on a radio show in which he insisted on the legalization of sports betting. Christie argued that it was ridiculous that at the moment only one state had allowance to offer single game sports wagering and that it was imperative to change this law. He also said that the leagues were being naive in their stance that sports betting would criminalize the sport annd that it would cease to be fair.

"That is the folly of the leagues' argument, that somehow if you legalize it, take it out of the hands of criminals, that somehow you are destabilizing the leagues. I mean, only the commissions of these leagues and the NCAA can make that argument with a straight face" said Christie.

According to analysts, his plight for online sports wagering might cost him followers for his run for the 2016 Republican nomination. Christie, who just 3 months ago had been a favourite at most sports books for the Republican nomination, has fallen to a mere 10/1 odds, putting him behind Paul Ryan, Marcio Rubio and Jeb Bush.

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