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China is Source of Global Match-fixing Epidemic

China is Source of Global Match fixing Epidemic

The biggest problem facing international sports by far is match-fixing and especially so the football industry. Recently, match-fixing scandals and arrests in Italy, Turkey, England, South Africa, Latin America and especially Asia, have made headlines all over the world.

Match-fixing is promoted by international illegal-gambling syndicates who recruit many insiders to corrupt and bribe low-wage-earning football players to throw a game or get penalized. Most of these syndicates are located in China.

According to Chris Eaton, director of Sport Integrity at the International Centre for Sport and Security: "It is the massive illegal sports-betting market in China, by far the biggest in the world, that directly and indirectly finances the majority of the world's betting fraud related [to] match-fixing. In short, China is today a major part of the problem. With change, China can be a major part of the solution".

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