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Celebrities beg for leniency for Bryan Zuriff

Celebrities beg for leniency for Bryan Zuriff

Bryan Zuriff, a famous Hollywood producer who got mixed up with bad company and was arrested for his participation in a Russian mafia controlled illegal sports betting operation, will have a sentencing hearing on November 25th where it will be decided if he will serve time for his crime. Zuriff is one of the 34 people arrested last April in connection with an illegal sports wagering ring allegedly run by Russian mafia members.

Zuriff has written a letter to the New York judge in charge of his case, begging for mercy. Accompanying Zuriff, some of his Hollywood big shot actors and producers have also joined him and sent letters to the judge asking him to give Zuriff a second chance.

Amongst these Hollywood personalities, letters were written by Judd Apatow, Peter Berg and John Voight, as well as producer Ann Biderman, Mark Gordon, Scott Budnick, Steven Kram, Burt Sugarman and most of the "Ray Donovan" staff and actors.

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