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CashPoint Receives German Sports Betting License

CashPoint Receives German Sports Betting License

Germany has legislated all igaming in the betting happy country, which means that a total of 20 companies will be able to offer legal sports betting to the Germans from September 19th. One of those companies will be the popular CashPoint company, as they scored the highest score in the point based assessment.


It has been two years since the Interstate Gambling Treaty was created and adopted and now the licenses will finally be given to the different providers who has achieved a high enough score to be selected. At first a total of 15 companies will receive a license to offer sports betting, but five more will be added along the way.


Prior to this Interstate agreement, each individual state had to regulate gambling themselves, which caused some states to do it and others to not do it.


“With this we have been clearly certified that we are the most reliable, most secure and most capable company among the applicants and that in all aspects,” Paul Gauselmann, CEO of CashPoint said.

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