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Cantor forced to pay $2 million in fines to Nevada

Cantor forced to pay 2 million in fines to Nevada

Cantor Gaming has finalized negotiations over the weekend, to settle a $2 million fine to the Nevada Gaming Control Board. The fine is intended to settle allegations against Cantor set in place by gambling regulators in a civil complaint which was filed at the offices of the Nevada Gaming Commission last week.

According ot the complaint, both Cantor Gaming and its CEO Lee Amaitis, knew or at least hsould have been aware of the fact that one of its offcials and top executives was accepting illegal bets and wagers.

Failure to supervise its staff and its actions in a way that it would prevent criminal activity is considered a violation of regulations set forth by the Nevada Gaming Commission. Cantor's failure to act and react "reflects poorly on the reputation of gaming in the State of Nevada" and could hurt development of the industry, the complaint said.