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British Bookies Spinning Gold on England Defeats

British Bookies Spinning Gold on England Defeats

It shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone that England has been playing a terrible World Cup, as the hard challenged Brits are more or less used to it by now. But the loyalty from the English fans will never disappear no matter how trialled their team is and they will continue to pursuit the microscopic chance they actually still have of moving forward in the World Cup in Brazil.

The British bookmakers probably have mixed feelings about England's defeats, as they on one side make a ton of money, as we could report yesterday that a massive 78% of the Brits that bet on the Uruguay-England match, bet in favour of England with Paddy Power. On the other hand, the bettors might lose interest in the World Cup and thus in betting on it, due to the poor results of England.

So while the bookies are busy trying to hype up the Brits once again to place their money on England and be able to make a minor fortune, they are probably also hoping that England will move forward from the group stage and that the Brits will continue to enjoy placing bets on the World Cup.

Bookies that focuses on other markets has a much higher percentage of bettors betting against England and thus doesn't make the same amount of money of England's defeats. They are not as reliant on England succeeding as others are on the other hand, making their business more stable during the World Cup.

If worst comes to worst for England, at least it brings some comfort that their team has a massive amount of young talents coming up that might be able to get England out of the poor performance they have delivered lately, unlike Spain, where it seems that the entire team needs to retire now. 

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