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Brent Musburger Behind New Network Promising Comprehensive Sports-Betting Coverage

Brent Musburger Behind New Network Promising Comprehensive Sports Betting Coverage

The Vegas Stats & Information Network (VSiN)is a new sports-betting initiative edited and hosted by celebrity broadcaster Brent Musburger. The launch of the multi-channel network was announced in a press release Monday, less than a week before the Super Bowl. According to the statement, VSiNwill offer sports gambling news and data through live streaming, radio and the Web.

The official kick-off of the network, whose target group also covers players outside Nevada, is expected to be on Feb 27. In a statement hinting at the black sports-betting market in the USA, Brian Musburger, founder and chairman of VSiN, declared, “Sports gambling is a multi-billion-dollar industry that has been forced to operate largely underground. […] We’re so excited to bring together award-winning broadcasters and producers, legendary oddsmakers, as well as a team of content, tech, media and gaming experts to illustrate the legitimacy of, and science behind, this huge and underserved market.”

According to information by the American Gaming Association, Nevada bookmakers registered more than $100 million in bets on the Super Bowl last year. Yet that is just a fraction of the total amoung wagered in the US, which is estimated to be over $4 billion.

The initiative comes at a time when legislative efforts to enhance transparency and legality of sports betting across the USA have gained momentum.