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Brazil No Longer Favourites to Win World Cup After Neymar Injury

Brazil No Longer Favourites to Win World Cup After Neymar Injury

The World Cup in Brazil is reaching the end as we have reached the semi-final stage and only three matches remains. The four teams that most people believed would go all the way to the semi-finals are still left, despite having problems, but the most interesting part is that Brazil is no longer the favourites to take home the trophy.

So why is that? Well the injury for Neymar, who has been seen as the star player for Brazil and the guy who could finish matches himself, was injured in the quarter-final match against Columbia. With these bad news, more and more bettors have chosen to go in other directions betting wise, as they believe that Brazil cannot beat both Germany and then Argentina/Holland without him on the pitch.

We had a look at the world's leading betting exchange site, Betfair, and here it shows that Brazil is now third favourite to take home the title, after Argentina and Germany. Holland is still the outsider which is also due to their past of couple of games not being great from the otherwise great Dutch team.

Currently the odds for the outright winner of the World Cup at Betfair shows that Argentina gives odds 3.6, Germany 3.7 and Brazil 3.85, while Holland gives odds 4,05. While the odds are pretty even, it is still a major blow to Brazil as they have been favourites throughout this world cup on their home turf and the bettors do have a point when they say that Brazil's team has been weakened by the injury of Neymar.

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