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Bookmakers Approached for Odds on Trump’s Assassination

Bookmakers Approached for Odds on Trump s Assassination

Donald Trump winning the 2016 U.S. election has sparked unrest not only among American Democrat supporters but also on a global scale. Around the time of his recent inauguration, there has been a heightened interest in betting odds on the chance of his assassination. Some punters have even demanded quotes for odds on social media that the 45th American President would be murdered before the end of his term.

However, betting calls related to the assassination of the Republican have either been ignored or declined outright by licensed bookmakers. Apparently, reputable agents such as Betfair and William Hill have recognized the threat of bad publicity on their names if they jump on the anti-Trump propaganda bandwagon. Even notorious for their controversy-stirring adverts bookie Paddy Power have said ‘no’ to engaging in a betting campaign on someone’s death, regardless of the size of the revenue or the target’s low approval rates.