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Bookie Problem in the UK - People Signing Petition Against New Shops

Bookie Problem in the UK People Signing Petition Against New Shops

The UK is well known to be the country of the sports betting and every single city with more than a few thousand residents have one or more betting shops. With several thousand shops spread all over the countries, it is no wonder that the people might be getting a little tired of seeing shops to bet in and now they are trying to do something about it.

In the town of Chaddesden, 200 people had signed a petition against letting William Hill open a new betting shop, The reason for them doing so was based on the fact that it would become "the fifth betting shop to open in the wider Chaddesden area" as well as the third on the same street.

"The clustering of betting shops here will add to the problem of gamblers moving from shop to shop, from fixed-odds betting terminal to fixed-odds betting terminal, hoping to find a ‘lucky one’." The petition said.

But despite the hard work from locals, the city council decided to let William Hill get a license to operate, due to the petition not being relevant to the three main licensing objectives. Furthermore it is no secret that bookies pay a great deal in taxes, which benefits the local community greatly.

The UK will be facing a hard decision within a short future, as problems with gambling addicts is growing bigger, but the same are revenues and thus jobs and taxes. 

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