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Biggest Bookies in the UK to Self Regulate

Biggest Bookies in the UK to Self Regulate

The four biggest bookmakers in the UK, Coral, Ladbrokes, Paddy Power and William Hill, send an open letter to the press, where they stress that they are going to work more towards self-regulating themselves, rather than getting more regulations put on by the state.


The four bookies said in the letter that they were open to sign up a set of rules and establish a watchdog, having genuine concerns about the advertising of gambling in the UK, as well as the issues that the people of the islands have with gambling.


In the letter it was stated that they are ready to do more advertising for responsible gaming and the dangers of betting, while also agreeing to less advertising in general throughout the different media outlets. Whether it will have an actual effect on those gambling is unknown, but the CEO's of the four companies are willing to go the extra mile to avoid more taxes and regulations.

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