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Betway Announces Sponsorship Deal With British Basketball All-Stars Championship

Betway Announces Sponsorship Deal With British Basketball All Stars Championship

Betway, a global online gambling operator and a popular sportsbook provider, has signed a deal with 2017 British Basketball All-Stars Championship.

The basketball event will take place for the first time this year which will show the best of the British basketball talent over the scheduled 13 matches played by the eight of the UK’s top sides. Five players from each team will take out on the court in shorter-timed quarters with unlimited roll-on/roll-off subs, double point power play and timeouts to compete for a prize fund of whopping £100,000, which includes £20,000 for the eventual champions.

The All-Stars tournament scheduled on September 24 will be held at the O2 Arena in London. The event would be broadcasted live in over 70 countries around the world and will be shown live on Sky Sports.

Betway is hopeful of bringing new ideas to the forefront, and they firmly believe in delivering a thrilling experience to the basketball fans and their patrons at the O2 Arena.