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Betting on Tennis Using Computer Models

Betting on Tennis Using Computer Models

According to Scott Ferguson, a former employee of Betfair, professional punters and investment fund managers are using the latest technollgy to their advantage and to win money from casual bettors.

Betfair is an online gambling company based out of the United Kingdom, which allows bettors to wager against each other. The company macthed around £50 million worth of wagers just on the Australian Open final in 2012, between Djokovic and Nadal.

Quantitative analysts have been paying special attention to tennis just like hedge fund analysts pay attention to movements of the stock market, bonds and other commidities. Tennis is particularly attractive sport because there are only two players in single matches and statistics are very easy to find, analyse and process.

Back in the days, it was only bookies who would resort to mathematical formulas and analysis to set lines and odds, but lately bettors have also been using the same methods, according to Warwick Bartlettm CEO of Global Betting and Gaming Consultancy.