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Betting on Rob Ford's next move

Betting on Rob Ford's next move, the Canadian online sportsbook, has rolled out odds on Mayor of Toronto Rob Ford's future and are asking players to place bets on the answer to the following question: "What will Toronto Mayor Rob Ford do before December 31st, 2013?".

The biggest odds are on "Resign as Mayor" with 9-4, followed by "Temporary leave" with 3-2 and finally "Neither, will remain mayor" with a safe 1-1. According to Adam Burns, sportsbook manager for, “The resign option is, we felt, the most unlikely thing. We have lower limits on this — about $100 — and it’s just kind of fun.

We felt like this was a good time to do it because (Ford) says he doesn’t want to resign and people in Toronto want him to take a leave. The story’s taken a turn and some sort of decision has to be made.”