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Betting and racing popular in Australia

Betting and racing popular in Australia

According to a report released a few months ago this year, found that Australia has a growing fixation with gambling, especially with sports betting and races. This is reflected in the 15% growth the sports wagering market experienced in the past five years and it was the only type of gambling (besides online casino games) that has risen in popularity.

There has also been a surge in bookmakers and exchange companies like William Hill and Ladbrokes which are now making their brands and advertising ever more visible in online and offline marketing campaigns and at almost every sportsing and race event. This means there is also a lot of money involved in local advertisement and sponsorships.

With more advertising comes a higher customer base and new players entering the market which in turn means there will be more revenues for these gambling companies which sets the wheel to turn and repeat creating a self-sustaining and very profitable cycle. This also benefits football clubs and other sports associations which see more money from sponsoship deals filling up their coffers.

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