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Betswaps Introduces Swoopers

Betswaps Introduces Swoopers

Betswaps, a one-of-a-kind marketplace for sports betting advice, has launched Swoopers, an innovative app that offers real-time market movers in horse race betting.

Every year punters in Australia spend over $17 billion on horse racing, and a range of sports betting tools relying on cloud computing are available to provide the betting community with relevant information about placing odds.

Horse racing has an advantageous position compared to other sports betting markets because the available information is largely asymmetrical.

Swoopers offers punters access to information on opening odds, current odds and the move percentage. The data the app makes use of is analytical and captures sports betting trends in real time.

Founder Michael Timbs explains that he started the project in order to check the degree in which smart money or inside mail existed in horse racing.

Since its introduction to the web, Swoopers has gained more than 1,000 active users. In addition, the app was downloaded nearly 200 times for the first two weeks.

The algorithms monitor the betting pools and track where the large amounts of money are coming in. In a nutshell, they detect real-time movers.

Next to Australia, the app also covers New Zealand.