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BetStars Presents Sports Jackpots

BetStars Presents Sports Jackpots

Credit for the brand new fantasy football product on the market goes to online sports betting brand BetStars. Sports Jackpots, which kicked off simultaneously on all .com, .eu and .uk websites associated with BetStars, offers a $1 million UK Premier League jackpot.

Sports Jackpots has been developed as a joint initiative of StarsDraft fantasy sports and BetStars, both of which are owned by Amaya Inc. The product allows players to bet on that particular football player who would score the highest number of fantasy sports on a given day.

Competitions featured on Sports Jackpots include the English Premier League, Champions League, Europa League, the NBA and PGA Tour.

Minimum bets can be as low as $3.

In order to win prizes in a tournament that normally rewards the top quarter of participants, each fantasy point scored by a player’s selections accumulates so that the total is ranked against other users’ results. The more players take part in a tournament, the bigger the prize pool. Prizes are paid out right after the last football match for the day is over.

According to CEO of StarsDraft Matthew Primeaux, “With BetStars Sports Jackpots, there’s no easier way for punters and casual sports fans alike to turn a small bet into a big win.”