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Betradar Launches Virtual Basketball Betting Product

Betradar Launches Virtual Basketball Betting Product

Betradar, one of the world’s leading sports and betting related data supply companies, announced the release of a brand new betting product today. The new product is Virtual Basketball League (VBL) and is similar to other virtual sports products, with animated games being played for punters to place bets on.

The project is the biggest technological milestone for Betradar, as they motion captured two professional basketball teams with more than 100 cameras and sensors on a full basketball court in a movie studio in Great Britain.

Prior to the shots, half a million real basketball events were studied to find player positions, shot types, success rates and all other important things in basketball, which has also been used in creating the game and make it as realistic as possible.

VBL will have 16 teams playing eight games every 4.5 minutes, creating 2,400 games every single day for punters to place bets on. This makes the game ideal for bookies who wishes to create fast-flowing revenues and have basketball interested customers.

“Virtual Basketball has been developed for punters to place bets intuitively. It’s the first virtual basketball product out in the market and brings in assets we have in our other virtual sports that have proven to be highly attractive to bettors. We are absolutely convinced that it will take the revenues of our clients to new heights”, says Managing Director, Neale Deeley.

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