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Betfect Launches Real-Money Social Betting Platform

Betfect Launches Real Money Social Betting Platform

The whole “Social” gaming concept is above us and it is seeing increased popularity, especially amongst the younger crowd who likes to play, but likes the social aspect more than being able to win real-money.


Some companies however, believes that social gaming and real-money gaming can be integrated and provide players with the best of both worlds. One of those companies is Betfect, who has just launched the beta-version of their social betting network, where bookmakers can integrate their players and let them bet through the platform while being social.


Players can interact with other bettors through the platform, track their performance and compete against other bettors to see who is the best.


“The aim of Betfect is to revolutionise the online betting industry by merging betting companies with a social media platforms creating a bigger, broader and more relevant impact.” Betfect said in a press release.


The first operator has already signed up for the integration, which is Ladbrokes who is one of the biggest betting operators in the world. Players can create new accounts or login with existing accounts to participate.

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