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Betconstruct Integrates Colossus Bets Sports Jackpot

Betconstruct Integrates Colossus Bets Sports Jackpot

Sports betting is more popular than ever, especially online. But while the product is more popular than ever, the competition is also tougher than ever, which means that the competition needs to think of new ways to attract customers, create revenues and most importantly reward players.

Betconstruct announced today that they have signed an agreement with Colossus Bets, integrating their £10,000,000 Colossus jackpot, which is the world’s largest sports jackpot, their patented partial cash out feature as well as other features from Colossus Bets.

Betconstruct is not an operator themselves, but has more than 100 partners around the world who will now have the option to integrate the new jackpot as well as features and offer it to their customers.

Vahe Baloulain CEO of BetConstruct said: “Colossus Bets’ mega jackpots with ground breaking partial cash out is a perfect fit for BetConstruct’s SpringTM platform, making it increasingly the one stop shop for operators looking for a total solution.  This deal will enable BetConstruct’s partners, irrespective of size, to provide their players multi-million pound football jackpots. These prizes will dwarf the maximum sports betting payouts offered by the industry’s biggest sportsbooks.”

Bernard Marantelli, founder and CEO of Colossus Bets said: “Our £10,000,000 prize and revolutionary partial cash out feature can prove a massive USP for BetConstruct’s over 100 clients and give them the biggest prizes in sports betting entirely risk-free. With our reach now stretching to four continents, we look forward to offering sports jackpot of £20 million and £30 million, which with our growing distribution is now an obtainable reality.”