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Bet365 Sued By Young Woman Over Non Payment Of £1Million Won On Horse Racing Bet

Bet365 Sued By Young Woman Over Non Payment Of 1Million Won On Horse Racing Bet

Megan McCann, a resident from around Belfast, is suing Hillside (UK Sports) LP, the company which operates bet365, an online betting company for refusing to pay out her the £1million she won in horse betting.

McCann was 19 years old when she had placed the bet of almost £25,000 on 12 different horses in four relatively indeterminate races. She further claims that bet365 owes her £1,009,960. The chief executive of the betting company, Denise Coates has declined to pay the winning amount.

McCann, on the contrary, has been accused of fraud and cheating by bet365’s lawyers, as the company believes a third party provided the betting stake. McCann has repeatedly denied of any fraudulent methods involved, and instead of being given the winning sum made in ‘Lucky 15’ bets that allow a combination of accumulated winnings by bet365, the firm has withheld the initial stake of £24,960.

McCann’s lawyers in response to bet365’s law involving terms and conditions amount to “nothing more than a ‘heads I win, tails you lose’ wish list.”

Bet365 was launched by Coates in 2000 along with her brother. the company is Britain’s most profitable companies with an estimated worth of £4.5 billion and Coates wealth of worth £3.2 billion.