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Bengals Cheerleader Files Lawsuit Against Bengals

Bengals Cheerleader Files Lawsuit Against Bengals

A Cincinnati Bengals cheerleader has filed a Class Action Complaint against the Cincinnati Bengals, unhappy about being underpaid for the many hours of work she puts in cheerleading for the team.

Alexa Brenneman, who was a member of the cheerleading squad from May 2013 until January 2014 claims to only receive $90 at most for each home game she cheers at.

Brenneman claims that with the mandatory practices, public appearances,  pregame time at the stadium and posing for the yearly calendar, she works well over 300 hours a year for the Bengals. For this amount of work, Brenneman claims to only receive $2.85 an hour, which is almost 1/3 of the $7.85 minimum wage in Ohio.

Brenneman noticed Seahawks in her complaint, due to them paying cheerleaders an hourly wage and overtime payments applicable by law. She also says that Cavaliers cheerleaders are compensated for more than just games. Her accusations against the Bengals is that they are in violation with the Fair Labor Standards Act and Ohio Minimum Fair Wage Standards Act.

Read the Complaint from Brenneman Here 

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