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Australian Fraudster Charged with 3.2-Million-Dollar Scam

Australian Fraudster Charged with 3.2 Million Dollar Scam

Police have accused Tomas Anthony Novak, 51, of participating in a scheme and being personally responsible for 3.2 million Australian dollars robbed of the victims of the scam. Novak was extradited to Queensland from South Australia on Friday and was subsequently released on bail.

According to the police, the Australian was involved in a telephone investment scam that tricked numerous people out of substantial amounts of money. The total alleged sum is close to 59 million Australian dollars.

Detective Sergeant Janelle Walsh reported that the identification of the accused came as a result of search warrants conducted at Gold Coast business premises in May 2015, as well as through computer analysis.

The companies involved in the fraud allegedly distributed defective sports betting software. Several individuals connected with those businesses have already stood trial. Police believe that Novak’s move to South Australia was prompted by the earlier arrests and he was actually attempting to escape responsibility.