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Armed Robbery in Goldbet Betting Shop in Bologna, Italy

Armed Robbery in Goldbet Betting Shop in Bologna Italy

As most people in Europe are probably aware of, there's a huge financial crisis in Italy right now where a high un-employment rate mixed with a general low salary level has taken its toll on the people of the beautiful country. Furthermore Italy is well known for having a huge gambling industry, where especially sports betting and casino games are popular among the citizens.

But despite the situation, armed robberies in betting shops are not that common. However it did happen yesterday in Bologna at around 20.10 CET, where two men entered a local Goldbet betting shop with motorcycle helmets on and armed with guns.

The two robbers forced their way behind the counter and pushed the shop employee up against a window, while pointing a gun into his back. As the robbers did not feel that they were getting the results that they needed, they decided to hit the employee in the face with the handle of the gun and force him to give them all the money from the cash register - a total of €3,300.

Once the robbers had successfully gotten the cash from the store they ran out and drove away on a scooter, while the employee contacted the police. When the police arrived the robbers were long gone, but they have some good descriptions of the robbers, which they will release one of these days.

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