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Arizona Sports Betting to face another hurdle

Arizona Sports Betting to face another hurdle

Arizona sports betting will be facing a major hurdle even before it gets discussed by the lawmakers.

Bloomberg reported that passing a legislation could hinder the relation between the state and government and its Native Americans tribes.

Gaming lawyer Stephen Hart had told participants at a sports forum in Tempe that legalizing sports wagering outside the purview of the tribes will cut a steady revenue stream the state received as part of the compact which prohibits any non-tribal commercial casinos.

That will likely direct legislators for working with tribes for granting them rights for sports wagering.

However, legislatures and Native Americans groups  are expected to reach to a conclusion but that means that it is a complicated situation.

Connecticut is one such example of diverging views between state legislatures and Native American tribals interests.

The state had laid out a regulatory framework for sports betting and they hope to join the inaugural wave of legalized sports wagering after Supreme struck the federal ban over sports betting.

Six states in New England and Mid-Atlantic have passed some sort of sports gambling bill but the western states including Arizona are yet to think over it.