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Anti-illegal Betting Task Force to Counter the Black-Market Betting

Anti illegal Betting Task Force to Counter the Black Market Betting

Where there is a crime, there has to be some sort of new law to counter it. Well, the same goes for betting. Betting is often considered illegal in some parts of the world. The Asian Racing Federation has taken up some serious measures to counter the illegal market of betting. The new task force is known as “Anti-Illegal Betting Task Force”. They have already started to work effectively by exchanging the information with the law enforcement bodies which are spread across the world.

In the upcoming conference, which will be held in Bangkok, the task force will bring up the matters related to illegal betting and other consequences. The task force has already signed a MoU with the great Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC). As per as the stats by the International Centre for Sport Security, the Chinese market makes illegal betting worth US$600 billion. If that number is taken into consideration, then it is the majority for the global illegal betting that goes around. The new task force has been in touch with the 21 jurisdictions to check the illegal betting. In addition to all this, they are aided by many renowned government agencies and law enforcement groups.