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Albama lawmakers propose a bill to legalize sports betting and state lottery

Albama lawmakers propose a bill to legalize sports betting and state lottery

The Albama legislature has witnessed a lot of activities regarding gambling legislation and the pattern is expected to follow the coming week. On Thursday, the Senate committee heard testimony on two bills discussing about a state lottery. Moreover, a state representative also filed his second bill in three days about sports wagering. People are speculating that the reason of the lawmakers' curiosity towards the legislation could be due to a lack of gambling opportunities in Albama.

The state currently offers pari-mutuel betting on horse racing and greyhounds and bingo. The state is also one of the five states which do not allow lottery Alaska, Hawaii, Utah and Nevada. However, two state senators have sponsored bills which will be calling for an amendment to the state constitution. The amendment would require voters to pass the measure in an election.  State representative John Rogers have filed two betting bills in the state House this week. On Tuesday, he proposed a bill which aimed towards creating Albama Sports Wagering Commission (House Bill 315). Rogers' bill would also be allowing betting to be placed on mobile applications. The bill allows the state to collect a 10 percent tax on adjusted gross receipts.

Albritton speculates that his lottery proposal, Senate Bill 220, will be generating more than $166 million each year. The initial proceeds from the lottery pay back the Alabama Trust Fund for nearly $184 million transferred from it to the state’s general fund in previous years. After repayment, the two funds would begin splitting the proceeds evenly. However, it remains to be seen whether Albama would join the crowd or not.

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