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Alabama Goes Ahead with Legalizing Fantasy Sports Betting

Alabama Goes Ahead with Legalizing Fantasy Sports Betting

There has been progress regarding the issue of legalizing fantasy sports betting in Alabama. On Tuesday, the state House of Representatives voted in support of the bill to make this branch of the gaming industry legal.

The bill passed 43-38 but was subjected to extensive discussion prior to that about whether sports betting actually complied with Alabama’s anti-gambling legislation.

According to those who supported the measure, fantasy contents rely on skill and knowledge of sports players. In return, opponents said fantasy sports did not differ from any other casino game.

The proposed legislation is going to regulate fantasy sports betting as well as taxation imposed on the operators’ profits by the state.

The controversy around the measure goes back to a 2016 ruling by the Alabama attorney general according to which online sports betting websites were deemedillegal.

The next step is for the bill to be debated in the Senate.