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After Michigan, New Hampshire legalize sports betting

After Michigan New Hampshire legalize sports betting

As the United States of America has started introducing sports betting all over the country, New Hampshire becomes the fourteenth state to legalize it. Now fans of online sports betting can participate in the state of New Hampshire after Governor Chris Sununu placed he first wager.

As New Hampshire joined Rhode Island, it became the second New England state to legalize sports betting. Further, Massachusetts is also In the process of trying to get sports betting approved.

Sununu himself opened the betting with a wager of $82 on the New England Patriots to win the Super Bowl at a Manchester sports bar. In order for the mobile sportsbook to be utilize throughout the state, the state of New Hampshire has agreed to a six-year contract with the sports betting company named DraftKings.

Sununu on Wednesday told the Associated Press that, “sports betting is the right bet for New Hampshire.” In a state given to the AP, he said, “The launch of sports betting will also benefit our education system- a win for our kids.”

As soon as sports betting gets legalized in the state, it is expected to bring New Hampshire around $7.5 million for education during the 2021 fiscal year and another $13.5 in 2023.

However, the partnership between the New Hampshire Lottery with DraftKings, is not entirely surprising, given the fact that DraftKings’ headquarter is in Boston. Further, there are expectations from DraftKings that they will open an office in the state of New Hampshire in the future.

In addition to this, DraftKings will also operate up to 10 sportsbook location in New Hampshire where fans can submit wagers.

Just a few days ago, Michigan also gave the green light and legalized sports betting and online gambling after Governor Gretchen Whitman singed legalization last month. As of now, a total of 14 states have legalized sports betting, and six more states have approved it but not yet have given legal status to it.