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AFL Likely to Agree to Watered Down Gambling Reform

AFL Likely to Agree to Watered Down Gambling Reform

For the past two weeks, the AFL has been lobbying the Federal Government to forsake its plans to ban gambling TV advertising during live sports events.

According to the AFL, such prohibition would cost the industry millions of dollars.

As a result of the joint efforts of the AFL, NRL and Cricket Australia, it is possible that the ban could be mitigated so that the restriction after 8:30 PM is lifted.

The government is to take the proposal to the federal Cabinet next Tuesday.

AFL leader Gillon McLachlan maintains that the policy is not balanced insofar as it covers only live TV sport but not gambling promotions at sporting venues, clubs or hotels.

According to figures brought out by the league, sports betting accounts for less than 5% of gambling revenue in Australia, as compared to the 85% of money coming from gaming machines.

The AFL is willing to agree to a gambling advertising ban on all afternoon games and any matches before 8:30 PM but remains determined to preserve the golden hour before the first bounce.