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2014 NBA Championship Odds Update

2014 NBA Championship Odds Update

In the NBA, more so than in most other sports, it’s usually the best team that manages to win. Low and behold a few exceptions, and I’m looking at you 2007 Golden State Warriors, it’s quite normal to see the Top 2 teams from every conference go at it in the Conference Finals. In case an upset happens in the earlier rounds, here’s a look at the 2014 NBA Championship odds.

As expected the defending champion Miami Heat (11/5) sit atop the ranks according to Bovada. Second place is rather interesting as the Indiana Pacers, likely to be the Eastern Conference Finals opponent of the Miami Heat, come in at 5/2. This almost makes it seem like the Eastern Conference is extremely strong, but it’s not surprising to see that the next seven teams all come from the West.

The race for the best playoff seed in the West is still wide open and for now the Oklahoma City Thunder (15/4) and San Antonio Spurs (11/1) lead the way. Chris Paul’s return to the Los Angeles Clippers has them sitting at 12/1 while Dwight Howard and his Houston Rockets come in at 16/1.

Steph Curry and his Golden State Warriors are one of the tempting long shots at 20/1, because this team can go on a run like no other. If you’re really looking to bet a miracle there are always the New York Knicks, who’ve been miraculously bad this year, who sit at 250/1 right now. The one good thing about making that bet is the fact that you’re not going to have to sweat it for much longer, because they are a few losses removed from missing the playoffs entirely.