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$1 Million Bet on Atlanta Falcons

1 Million Bet on Atlanta Falcons

Last year has seen a stable trend of unpopular teams triumphing after beating the odds against them. Victorious Leicester City in the English Premier League and The Cubs in the World Series are just two examples of underdogs making it to the top.

Following the vogue, a staggering $1 million bet has been placed on the Atlanta Falcons in Super Bowl 51. The wager was accepted by Las Vegas bookmaker CG Technology. According to ESPN gambling reporter David Purdham, this is the largest bet on New England so far.

Yet it is far from being the first case of a huge wager in the Super Bowl. For instance, Billy Walters bet $3.5 million on the Saints in Super Bowl 54 in 2010, winning a massive amount of money. Prior to that, in 1989, gambling superstar Bob Stupak, aka Mr. Las Vegas, wagered $1 million on the Bengals. Although they lost, the seven-point spread was covered and Stupak pocketed a lucrative win.

With current Super Bowl underdog odds 12-3 against the spread, $1 million on the Atlanta Falcons will almost certainly result in a handsome win.