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Nevada wants to legalize online sports betting in all 50 states

Nevada wants to legalize online sports betting in all 50 states

The aspiration to legalize online sports betting for money in the United States might get a jump this year. The Nevada Gaming Commission (NGC) is considering a process that would legalize sports betting nationally.



For now, only four states have legalized sports betting for money, whether this is online or in casinos: Nevada, Oregon, Delaware and Montana, Nevada being the main state. A lot of states are trying to get a bill through to legalize it. The proposed legislation would radically change the gambling environment in the States.


Casino giants such as Las Vegas Sands and MGM Resorts International would likely participate in online gambling if it becomes widely legalized, as well as smaller Las Vegas-based casinos.



In February, Quinton Singleton, vice president and deputy general counsel at gaming technology company CG Technology, submitted a proposal to the NGC to allow people in 50 states to set up and fund mobile sports-betting apps. It's not clear when the gaming commission will take up the proposal.



Legal Sports Report stated that the proposed rules would also simplify registering for online gambling. Only certain types of sports betting would be allowed, and people would have to pay a visit at a casino in Nevada to verify their account.