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RSS offers several RSS feeds:

What is a RSS Feed?

A RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed provides our users with a fast and simple way of seeing when we ( add new content to any of our news sections. The RSS feeds are automatically updated and will give you a small little alert every time we post new content for you to enjoy.

You will get all of our news in one simple place, instead of having to visit our site several times a day to see if we have posted anything new. The alert will go off the second we post something new for you to read, allowing you to browse other places while we upload new content and you get to know exactly when it is published on our site.

How Do I Use It?

To receive RSS feeds from you will need to have a newsreader that has to check our site for new content being uploaded. You will have to subscribe to our RSS feeds for the categories that you are interested in, which you can find on the links in the top of the page.

Some browser will have RSS newsreader already integrated, so try and click the links and see if your browser supports RSS feeds or not. If it doesn't, then you will need to find a newsreader application or program to get the latest news from us.

Once you have successfully subscribed to our RSS feed you will get the headlines of each story that we post and if you would like to read more you simply click on the headline to visit our site and read the full story.

Where Can I Find a Newsreader?

If your browser doesn't support RSS feeds already, then you will need to find a third party program to help you to subscribe to our RSS feeds. Below you will find a list of programs that can help you subscribe to our RSS fees, depending on browser and operational system:

Firefox Browser Plug-in: Sage Addon

Windows Programs: FeedDemon and NewzCrawler

Mac OSX: NetNewsWire

How Do I Unsubscribe to a RSS Feed?

To unsubscribe to one of our RSS feeds you will need to follow the instructions provided to you by the program you are using to read RSS feeds.