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Zynga Poker Undergoes Major Redesign

Zynga Poker Undergoes Major Redesign

Zynga Poker has been one of the most successful poker games in the online world, but yet changes are coming too for the game popularized on Facebook. The cartoonish look of Zynga attracted millions of recreational players but it no longer seems to work like it used to.

According to a Venturebeat report about 350 million people play on Zynga Poker, yet its market share is down to 10.1%, trailing Caesars Interactive (14.7%) and IGT’s Double Down (12.1%) in the casino games segment. These numbers are without a doubt the underlying motive for Zynga to try something new and make their poker client look more like those of PokerStars, PartyPoker and Unibet.

Zynga will never be like the aforementioned clients, but by making their software look a little more ‘grown up’ it will entice recreational gamblers to consider switching to this game.

The new mobile game will run as lot faster and offers tons of options. The game will adjust to your skill level and place you at the right table. Zynga Poker will now feature two main colors, red to encourage the adrenaline and split-second decisions and gold for a rich feeling. Together with casino-like audio Zynga is really trying hard to create the perfect casino atmosphere, but all in all they are taking a big risk stepping away from their initially successful formula.