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Zynga Poker Available on Snapchat


Zynga Poker, the most prominent free-play poker app, will be accessible through social media platform Snapchat.

According to a company spokesperson, Zynga Poker has a highly interactive Snapchat lens which “gives each user two “hole cards” and then the user triggers the three flop cards, hopefully earning a winning hand and making it rain cash”.

Zynga Poker is already running on Facebook, MySpace, Yahoo, and has an Apple and Android app. The San Francisco-based company is aiming at increasing revenue which fell by 2% to $104 millionin 2016. In the past, figures were as high as $200 million per year.

The poker platform amounts to 19% of the overall company online gaming revenue. The major cash cows still remain FarmVille (22%) and the social slots product (33%).

PokerScout recently reported that Zynga Poker currently attracts an average of 38,500 players on a daily basis. This is approximately 2.6 times more than the free-play users reached by PokerStars.