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Zynga Plus Poker Real Money App on Facebook

Zynga Plus Poker Real Money App on Facebook

Social gaming giant Zynga has recently launched a real money application for Facebook available to players in the United Kingdom. Zynga's entry into the real money scene was back in April of 2013 when it launched the Zynga Plus Poker application which is based on the PartyPoker gaming platform.

When Plus Poker launched, the company was betting on capitalizing on its massive customer base to increase PartyPoker's traffic numbers. The reality was much different and player numbers barely changed during the period.

In July 2013 Zynga stunned the world by announcing it would cancel its plan to enter the real money US market. Zynga justified its decision by stating "Zynga believes its biggest opportunity is to focus on free-to-play social games".

The new launch of the Zynga Plus Poker application on Facebook is indicative of a change of mind in the company. The new app still uses the PartyPoker platform but its also fully integrated into Facebook, which does not require players to doenload anything.

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