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Zone Poker is the new Rush Poker

Zone Poker is the new Rush Poker

Both and have launched their version of Rush Poker and they're calling it Zone Poker. This feature will make playing poker at the Bodog Network even more enjoyable. Zone Poker will allow you to see more cards and play more hands which means less waiting time, more excitement and more action.

Amongst the many new features in this game variant, you'll find table sliding animations coupled with sound effects to enhance and remark the speed of your placement in new hands. There's also the "check/fold now" and "fold now" buttons which will allow you to fold and immediately move to a new table before having to wait for your turn at the table. This will give you the chance to play many more hands in the same time frame as regular gameplay would.

Zone Poker can be found in both the and rooms within the cash games section at the NL Hold'Em and NL Omaha tables. This new feature by the Bodog Network is sure to make your game more interesting and action packed.

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