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Yahoo Bets on Online Poker

Yahoo Bets on Online Poker

While it remains illegal in the US for the foreseeable future Internet giant Yahoo has opened a poker portal on its website. In combination with their fantasy sports section poker is now widely featured on their website, even though you can’t play for money just yet.

Yahoo is one of the biggest websites in the world and its faith in online poker shows promise for an industry that desperately needs a strong competitor to PokerStars’ dominance. Of course Yahoo is far removed from creating and maintaining software that’s comparable to PokerStars, but at least its effort should he lauded.

The search engine and news portal goes as far as not putting any value on the play chips used for their poker games to avoid any possibility of legal repercussions. A change can easily be made once regulations change and Yahoo gets an opportunity to offer real money poker games.

Yahoo could already apply for licenses in Nevada, Delaware and New Jersey if it chooses to do so. The expectation is however that they’ll test the software with playmoney games before venturing into real money gaming. Fantasy football and basketball games are already being monetized and if this trend continues it will be good to see them enter the market as a company