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WSOP Main Event Down To Three Players

WSOP Main Event Down To Three Players

After three and a half months of break after the November Nine were found in Mid July, the 9 millionaires returned to the table to fight for the title, the bracelet and $8 million.

It was no big surprise that it was the Spanish short stack Fernando Pons to hit the rail first. He got his stack in as a slight favorite with his Ace6 against Cliff Josephy's KingJack but two Kings on the board brought the end to the Spanish amateur.

Jerry Wong, the second initial short stack of the final table also didn't manage to survive any longer when he ran with his JackJack into the QueenQueen of Vojtech Ruzicka and missed to hit one of two remaining Jacks. For his 8th place finish, he won $1.1 million while Ruzicka took over the chiplead.

Next to go was Canadian pro and GPL commentator Griffin Benger who didn't manage to get anything going his way and when he pushed his chips all in with Ace Hearts9 Hearts against the button raise of Vayo, he ran into 1010. The board didn't bring any luck to him and was eliminated in 7th place for $1.25 million.

With the next bust out, day 1 of the final table would end and it was no other than the Belgian tournament director Kenny Hallaert who lost the biggest pot of the day. Kenny opened his Ace ClubsQueen Clubs and got raised by active Qui Nguyen and his AceAce, Kenny was a non believer and pushed all his 35 million chips all in and was in terrible shape, no help for him on the board and Kenny was knocked out in 6th place for a price money of over $1.46 million.

The next day players returned to play down to three players and it was surprisingly Vojtech Ruzicka who has been playing extremely well until this point. He first lost a big pot when he missed as the aggressor a big pot with the ace high flush draw to Josephy's set of eights, just to run with AceKing into another set of 8's, this time of young Gordon Vayo's. Vojtech got smooth called two times when the river blanked out and he went for the all in bluff, Vayo insta called and Vojtech had one big blind left which he lost the next hand. For his 5th place he receives $1,935,288.

It would now take a while and play was rather passive but eventually it was Michael Ruane who tried to hang on as the short stack but then lost his remaining chips with King HeartsQueen Hearts to Nguyen's AceJack. He received $2,576,003.

Play continued just for another 10 hands before they called it a night and the remaining three players bagged their chips.

Tonight players will return for the final showdown and we will find out who will be the newest world champion of poker. Big favorite is Qui Nguyen who has well over half the chips in play with 197,600,000, followed by Godon Vayo and his 89,000,000. Shortstack of the table is Cliff Josephy with 50 million in chips.









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