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Writer and Poker Player, Rachel Kranz Passes Away At 62

Writer and Poker Player Rachel Kranz Passes Away At 62

A well-respected poker player from New York, Rachel Kranz, passed away unexpectedly on Monday.

Kranz was friendly and was a familiar face at both the East Coast and in Las Vegas during World Series of Poker. She made many friends during her time on the circuit. Many of her friends expressed their shock on the social media.

The poker is left in shock and disbelief on learning the sudden demise of Kranz, apparently from the complications related to cancer.

Katie Stone wrote on Twitter, “I am at such a loss and am extremely shaken by this”.

Cory Waaland wrote, “She was by far one of the most brilliant, kind & sincere ppl I’ve ever met and will be missed dearly.”

Kranz spent her early life growing in southern California and northern Minnesota and then relocated to New York City in 1982. Kranz was more than a poker player; she was an accomplished writer, serving as a ghost-writer for many years and had written many novels. She was also the founder of her theatre company, Theatre of Necessity.

She learnt poker from Nick Brancato during a WPT Boot Camp. She combined her writing skills with newly learnt poker passion for writing her blog, “Adventures in Poker,” and Poker Pro Magazine.

Her total earnings from poker in live tournament winnings were $358,686.