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WPT Amateur Poker League website compromised

WPT Amateur Poker League website compromised

According to a news report by CyberWarsNews, the website for the World Poker Tour Amateur Poker League was hacked and user information and passwords were compromised. Apparently a hacker going by the twitter nickname smitt3nz posted over 175,000 email addresses and passwords on a website, last Friday.

Fortunately, the WPTAPL website does not offer real money gaming so there was financial data compromised, but users have been strongly adviced to change their passwords immediately and to do the same with any other website in which they have used those same passwords.

It also turns out that almost 47,000 of the 175,333 compromised accounts share the same password, which is thought to be due to a standard or default "reset password". It was not possible to get a comment by WPT or WPTAPL representatives.

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