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Winamax to Bid for Italian Online Gambling License

Winamax to Bid for Italian Online Gambling License

It is expected that the leading online poker operator in France, Winamax, will be among various iGaming brands to be in the bidding for an Italian license.

The authority charged with issuing iGaming licenses (AM) is yet to call for bids and exact details of the timeframe and licence is minimal as yet.  However, what is known is that there will be 120 licenses that can be applied for.

A license fee of €200 000 will be charged for online gambling companies before being considered by the regulator for one of the iGaming operational spots. The ADM will collect about €24 million from these fees.

Winamax has 1 001 cash game players on the operator’s website, compared to 629 players for example on the website. The operator has recently hinted on its expansion plans and through its LinkedIn page it is looking for Italian-, Spanish-, Portuguese-, and English-speaking staff.