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William Kassouf Slow Rolls Opponent On “Live At The Bike”

William Kassouf Slow Rolls Opponent On Live At The Bike

Habitual slow poker player, William Kassouf lived up to his reputation in a recent game outside of Los Angeles.

The British poker pro, infamous for taking his time, as he did in the World Series of Poker main event last year, didn’t hesitate in taking time in his hand in a $5-$five no-limit hold’em game at the Bicycle Casino.

The game was played as a part of the “Live At The Bike” live stream of the card room.

Kassouf defeated his opponent in hand by flopping the quads against the opponent; also he took his time by provoking the opponent to raise by making him believe that he had the hand won. Kassouf’s opponent had put all in with the pot worth about $1,500. Kassouf defended his move as he let the table know he had quads, in the beginning.

Kassouf was criticised for his table tricks and his slow speed in the play. Kassouf may have controversial playing table manners, but he is not casual when it comes to poker. The poker player has a lifetime tournament earnings of $1.1 million. Many believe he is good for TV poker.