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Will Givens Wins WSOP Event #45 and $306,634

Will Givens Wins WSOP Event 45 and 306 634

The World Series of Poker Event #45, $1,000 No-Limit Hold'em has come to an end after three long days of play. The tournament is one of the tournaments with the lowest buy-in at this year's WSOP and was expected to attract quite a huge crowd, but it seemed instead that the players were more interested in playing the $1,500 event.

Despite the lower than expected attendance, the tournament still saw a massive 1,841 players competing against each other to win the first prize and the bracelet, creating a $1,656,900 prize pool. The tournament attracted a  lot of amateur players from all over the world and they experienced some great poker in a great atmosphere over the three days the tournament lasted.

But as all things does, Event #45 had to come to an end, which ended up in a heads-up battle between Will Givens and Angela Prada-Moed. It took 176 hands of final table play before they reached the final hand of the tournament and it was one that got both the players adrenaline pumping for sure.

Givens raised to 100,000 pre-flop and received a call from Prada-Moed. The dealer turned over a flop that showed Jack DiamondsAce Clubs8 Clubs. Prada-Moed quckly moved all-in, only to see herself receiving an almost as fast call from Givens.

Prada-Moed showed: Queen Clubs4 Clubs

Givens showed: King SpadesJack Clubs

Prada-Moed had plenty of outs to hit in order to win the hand, but as the dealer turned over the Ace Diamonds as the turn card and then 6 Hearts as the river, she saw her dreams of winning a WSOP bracelet crushed and had to settle for second place and $189,632. Givens on the other hand took down his very first WSOP bracelet as well as the first prize of $306,634 and began celebrating with his friends immediately.

The final table payouts:

  1. Will Givens - $306,634
  2. Angela Prada-Moed - $189,632
  3. Paul Sokoloff - $131,110
  4. David Hass - $94,559
  5. Patrick Curzio - $69,125
  6. Duy Ho - $51,198
  7. Dmitrii Shchepkin - $38,423
  8. Ivan Saul - $29,211
  9. Loren Klein - $22,484
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