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What is Phil Ivey's Net Worth?

What is Phil Ivey's Net Worth?

Phil Ivey is probably one of the most famous poker players in the world. His name was broadcasted across the globe in the early 00's, when World Poker Tour showed final tables from events all across the world. Phil Ivey, along with guys like Gus Hansen and Phil Hellmuth, was one of the guys who were a frequent at those tables and thus became super famous.

But despite being famous and being shown in both tabloid papers both online and in stores, nobody really seem to know what Phil Ivey's net worth is. In an article made by, they look into what it is that makes Ivey such a personality that people wants to follow as well as trying to get a better insight to how much money he has actually made with poker over the years.

But why is it that we care about how much money guys like Ivey has made from poker? Deep down it must be that money fascinates the most of us and we probably all dream of being able to make the same amounts of money doing the hobby that we love. So despite Ivey's bad press lately, which includes a law suit with Borgata over allegedly having cheated in crabs, Ivey is still one of the most adored poker characters in the industry.

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